User Manual
System tools
Basic setting
User Manual
System tools
Basic setting
Front panel      Back panel      Remote control unit      STB Installation
Front panel
Back panel
All cable connections
are backside.
Back details
Front panel   RCU   STB Installation
all control

Control & Setting your box using remote control
Button details
Front panel   Back Panel   STB Installation
STB Installation

Please make sure all cable connections(A/V, Power.Etc) are connected back side properly.
If you got your Registered card,
please input your card into fron side smart card socket.


After connecting all cable connection, please power on your set-top-box.
Power indicatior light will on. Switch on your TV.
Change TV mode to AV mode.
After all above process you will see channels and signal quality banner on the TV screen.


If your set-top-box has no pre-exist programs, there will be an open screen picture on the screen
At this point, please use left or right key to select Yes on the search guide menu and press ok.
You will find all your searching details and channels list you got.
Front panel   Back Panel   RCU

System Tools
Service tools     Configuration     Installation     CA Systems
Service list manager

This tool is used for channels management. You can add channels to favourite list, also you can move, lock, parantal lock/unlock.
Use green button to add into favourite list, Blue button to lock, Yellow button to move channels. "Choose" to choose any program you like "Change" to change any program you dislike.

File manager

Enter file manager from system tools menu. File manager is used to access USB devices and for software update

File manager

Record list will show USB device file system and storage information. You can play, edit and delete file. Enter from system tools. Use up/down button to select file. Green buuton on screen to delete one file. Yellow button on screen to delete all files. OK button to play video and Red button to format USB device.

Basic settings
EPG    Recordings   
Electronic Program Guide
This function allows you to display the program information, weekly TV forcast and also you can reserves your favourite channels.
Press EPG Menu on RCU and use UP-Down and LEFT-RIGHT button to view the forcast.
Your set-top-box has RECORDING function. You just need a USB storage device formatted in FAT32 only. To record any program you just need to plug in your USB device into back-side and press REC button in your Remote control. Recording status will display in your TV screen and to STOP your recording just press STOP button.
The display onthe front panel does not light up.
Bad picture/blocking error.
No picture/sound
No sound and picture, but the front panel shows time.
The RCU is not working.
The remote control will not operate your STB.
The recording function is not working at all.
Possible cause
Main cable is not connected.
Signal is too strong.
Poor signal quality or bad interconnection.
The unit is in standby mode.
Batteries exhausted.
the batteries may need to replace. Any obstruction.
Hard-disk probel, connection problem, signal problem.
What to do
Check that the main cable is plugged into power socket.
Try a signal attenuator to the RF in port.
Check the antenna system, check cable connection.
Press the key on the RCU.
Replace batteries.
Replace batteries. Check there is nothing in the way of the path between remote and STB.
Check connected cable. Require the resell to check and solve this problem.