About Us

Since the company Sylhet Cable Systems (Pvt.) limited established as a Cable TV Operator in the year 2000, it gains the best in class Cable TV Service provider in the Sylhet division. It is not only one of the largest cable TV service providers in the country but also provides the cutting edge technology to deliver outstanding performance and has created the most modern cable TV service for our wider subscribers.

The company has the largest fibre optic backbone across the whole Sylhet division which covers almost 95% to 96% area of the specific region and serving 98% population of Sylhet district. The company first introduces fibre optic transmission and network in the country to ensure more robust and reliable CATV service to the end users. The company also ensures well qualified and skilled workforce to maintain the whole network, related devices and servers to ensure the smooth operation of the whole network ecosystem and services, that is why, we achieved the record on keeping the system up and running almost 99.99%, which helps us to reach a heavy customer base which is growing even rapidly, achieved great customer satisfaction thus the company achieved a good reputation in the Sylhet region. In 11.11.2011, the company took a huge leap forward by going digital by launching the digital video broadcasting (DVB-C) service for the first time in Bangladesh and the company still owns the most modern digital head-end in the country. To achieve this goal, the company introduced Digital Set Top Boxes to the customer end to ensure better picture and sound quality, bring more channels which is about 235+ trending with tons of added extra features and functionality to make TV viewing experience even better and aesthetically pleasing. The Set Top Boxes comes with two different colors- black & white with a comfortable looking shape and size. The new digital system allows the customers to choose various subscription packages according to their needs and it is so much easy to switch to our Digital Set Top Box as always which is just a call away to your local feed operator and let them set it up for you. That’s easy.

Sylhet Cable Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Enjoy Full HD Quality Video
& Sound in our Set Top Box.

With more than 235+ channels of crystal clear, vibrant entertainment,
SCS Digital Cable TV is simply the best and the most convenient way to entertain your entire.